US & Vietnam Trade Relations & Statistics of 2023

In 2023, Vietnam exported $118.92 billion worth of goods to US, while the US exported $9.79 billion to Vietnam. analyze us vietnam trade relations & agreements

US & Vietnam Trade Relations & Statistics of 2023

US & Vietnam Trade Relations & Statistics 2023

In recent years, the trade relations between the US and Vietnam have grown impressively. Vietnam has emerged as one of the quickest-developing economies in Southeast Asia, with a strong understanding of manufacturing and exports. In 2023, Vietnam exported $118.92 billion worth of goods to the US, in the same year the US exported $9.79 billion worth of goods to Vietnam in 2023. As Vietnam improves its infrastructure and business environment, there are opportunities for US companies to grow there. The United States, then again, remains a key marketplace for Vietnamese exports, especially in industries that include textiles, electronics, and agriculture. As the sector’s two largest economies, each country has diagnosed the importance of fostering sturdy bilateral trade relations for mutual economic rise and prosperity. In this article, we explore the US-Vietnam trade relations carefully in 2023 to perceive a few key trade components between the two nations.

The US-Vietnam bilateral trade relations: A Brief History

The US and Vietnam have been strong trading partners for a long time, especially since they signed the bilateral trade agreement in 2001. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1995, after the Vietnam War ended. Since then, both of the nations us and Vietnam have been working together to build a strong economic partnership through trade deals import-export. Trade between the US and Vietnam has been growing steadily, especially into the sectors like electronics, textiles, agriculture, and machinery.

  • In 2023, the bilateral trade between the U.S. And Vietnam continued to develop, as both countries mapped out a method to reinforce their monetary ties. 
  • In the U.S., Vietnam represents a valuable buying and selling partner with a suddenly developed economy and a young and dynamic workforce. 
  • American companies can gain access to new markets and opportunities in Vietnam, while Vietnamese exporters can use more American customers. 
  • In 2023, the whole trade price among the 2 nations reached over $100 billion, with both imports and exports seeing a substantial increase.

What are the Top 10 Vietnam Exports to US in 2023?

Vietnam has exported goods worth a total value of $118.92 billion to the US in 2023. Vietnam's main export to the United States in 2023 is electrical equipment with a total value of $41.70 billion in 2023. Vietnam's strong manufacturing enterprise is reasonable, its focus is electronics, textiles, and footwear. In 2023, Vietnam exported major goods to the United States, including electronics, clothing, and footwear. The demand for Vietnamese products in the US is expected to increase by 1.3%. The market will also boost Vietnam’s specialty exports to the US. Vietnam’s top 10 exports to the US in 2023 include:

  1. Electrical Machinery and Equipment: $41.77 billion
  2. Nuclear reactors and machinery: $17.49 billion
  3. Furniture, bedding, and mattresses: $11.96 billion
  4. Footwear: $7.92 billion
  5. Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, knitted or crocheted: $7.85 billion
  6. Non-Knit Articles of apparel and clothing accessories: $6.53 billion
  7. Toys, games, and sports requisites: $2.77 billion
  8. Plastics and articles thereof: $2.71 billion
  9. Rubber and articles thereof: $1.52 billion
  10. Commodities not elsewhere specified: $1.26 billion

What are the Top 10 US Exports to Vietnam in 2023?

US exports to Vietnam reached $9.79 billion in 2023. Electrical equipment became the largest export commodity of the United States to Vietnam in 2023 with a total value of $1.71 billion. The United States is the biggest supplier of agricultural products, equipment, and technology. In 2023, the U.S. exports to Vietnam included a wide range of products, including cotton, plastics, machinery, and electronics. Given the growing demand for American goods in the Vietnamese market, exports of U.S. goods are expected to increase. The top 10 exports of the US to Vietnam in 2023 are:

  1. Electrical Machinery and Equipment: $1.71 billion
  2. Cotton: $751.28 million
  3. Plastics and articles thereof: $659.34 million
  4. Prepared animal fodder: $638 million
  5. Inorganic Chemicals: $575.87 million
  6. Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits: $533.63 million
  7. Nuclear reactors and machinery: $485.79
  8. Edible fruit and nuts: $343.74 million
  9. Mineral fuels and mineral oils: $327.49 million
  10. Pulp of wood, recovered paper: $307.25 million

US-Vietnam Trade Agreements

  • Over the years, the US and Vietnam trade have signed numerous trade agreements to sell bilateral alternatives and funding. 
  • US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement: The most recent trade agreement between the 2 international trade giants is the US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement, which aims to reduce trade borders and sell economic cooperation. It has details such as trade in goods, intellectual property rights protection, trade in services, investment protection, business facilitation, and transparency. It came into force in 2001.
  • Comprehensive Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Besides, both countries also include the Comprehensive Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). This agreement facilitates cooperation on various fronts, including market access, intellectual property rights, and labor standards.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Trade Barriers:

 Despite the fantastic rise in trade relations, there are nevertheless some challenges to triumph over such as trade limitations including tariffs and regulatory hurdles.

  • Sustainability:

 As both countries are cognizant of sustainable improvement and inexperienced practices, there's a possibility of aligning their trade regulations with environmental goals.

  • Economic Cooperation:

 The US trade with Vietnam share a common interest in promoting economic cooperation and regional integration in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The Future of US-Vietnam Trade Relations

Looking in advance, the future of US-Vietnam relations and partnership appears promising. Both nations are committed to enhancing their financial ties through improved trade and funding. American corporations launched sixty new projects in Vietnam between January and July of 2023. They also contributed an extra $450 million in registered capital to several already-existing businesses as well as these new endeavors. With the persevering efforts to bolster bilateral trade agreements and sell monetary cooperation, it is expected that the trade partnership and relations between the US and Vietnam will keep thriving in 2024 and further.


In conclusion, the US-Vietnam trade relations in 2023 witnessed an impressive rise and improvement. With the ongoing efforts to make bigger bilateral trade, both countries are set to enjoy the economic opportunities that lie in advance. As we look toward destiny, it is clear that the United States and Vietnam are on a route toward deeper financial integration and cooperation. With robust financial increases, stepped-forward political trade relations, technological innovation, and a focus on sustainability, each country is well-positioned to deepen its trade partnership. By seizing possibilities and addressing challenges, the US and Vietnam can forge a collectively useful relationship that helps corporations and clients alike.

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