What are the top 10 exports of Vietnam?

According to data on Vietnam exports for 2022, exports rose by about 9.46% from the previous year, with the top 10 exports of Vietnam accounting for a total value of $274.03 billion. Discover the top 10 exports of Vietnam across the globe in 2022. Explore Vietnam's expertise and competitiveness in various export industries.

What are the top 10 exports of Vietnam?

A glimpse into Vietnam’s top exports and economic background

Vietnam is a vibrant country that is currently referred to as the Communist Republic of Vietnam. It is located in Southeast Asia and has a total land area of 311,700 km2. Based on population estimates from 2022, Vietnam has over 100 million people living there, making it the sixteenth most populous country on Earth. Vietnam primarily shares its borders or regional limits with China, Laos, and Cambodia. As previously mentioned, given the current state of the world and its activities, Vietnam may be the nation that is developing the fastest on Earth in addition to having a vibrant economy. According to the Vietnam export data, Vietnam's overall exports in 2022 totaled $371.3 billion, an increase of 10.5% from 2021. Vietnam's small but productive workforce is drawing in resources from many large organizations and businesses to expand its trade and export market. In this article, we will explore more about the top 10 exports of Vietnam around the globe along with insights into its export data.

What is the Significance of Vietnam’s Exports?

Vietnam is among the esteemed members of various international organizations, including ASEAN, CPTPP, APEC, OIF, and WTO. According to the Vietnam export data, Vietnam's overall exports in 2022 totaled $371.3 billion, an increase of 10.5% or $35.14 billion over the previous year. As Vietnam moves toward financial development and independence, up until a few years ago, the country was primarily focused on the development of rice, bauxite, and aluminum in the horticulture sector. Vietnam's economy is currently mostly supported by assembly, IT, and extremely modern ventures. In addition, with 318,500 barrels produced per day, Vietnam ranks third among Southern Asian producers of oil. According to Vietnam Trade Data at the time, Vietnam's most popular import was Chinese goods, while its most frequently exported commodity to the US was raw petroleum.


Top 10 exports of Vietnam in 2022

According to the Vietnam export data for 2022, Its major export products are phones and accessories ($57.99 billion), computers and electronic products ($55.54 billion), machinery and equipment ($45.75 billion), textiles ($37.57 billion), and footwear ($23.90 billion).

Based on the Vietnam export data and Vietnam trade data, the top 10 exports from the country had a combined export value of $274.03 billion. According to data on Vietnam exports for 2022, exports rose by about 9.46% from the previous year.

The top Vietnam products as per the export data in 2022 include:

  1. Phones and Accessories ($57.99 billion)
  2. Computers and Electronic products ($55.54 billion)
  3. Machinery and Equipment ($45.75 billion)
  4. Textiles and garments ($37.57 billion)
  5. Footwear ($23.90 billion)
  6. Wood and wooden products ($16.01 billion)
  7. Vehicles and spare parts ($11.99 billion)
  8. Seafood and fishery products ($10.92 billion)
  9. Iron and steel ($7.99 billion)
  10. Cameras, camcorders, and accessories ($6.37 billion)

Aside from these top 10 products, different other items were also exported from the nation as referenced in Vietnam Export Data for the year 2021 like light motor vehicles, wood items, accuracy and optical tools, and drinks.


Top 10 Export Partners of Vietnam in 2022

Very much like the main 10 commodity items, the Vietnam Export Data additionally recorded the best 10 countries to whom these items were sent out the most. In view of the data given by the Vietnam Trade Data 2022, According to the export data, the top exporting countries for Vietnam in 2022 are:

    1. The USA ($36.35 billion)
    2. China ($20.371 billion)
    3. South Korea ($9.175 billion)
    4. Japan ($9.152 billion)
    5. Netherlands ($3.99 billion)
    6. Hong Kong ($3.389 billion)
    7. India ($3.309 billion)
    8. Germany ($3.104 billion)
    9. Thailand ($2.975 billion)
    10. The United Kingdom ($2.359 billion)

Other than these top countries, different nations that additionally imported things from Vietnam in 2022 were Australia, Indonesia, the UAE, Malaysia, and Italy.



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Trends and Barriers in Vietnam's Export Data

Several intriguing patterns can be seen when export data from Vietnam is analyzed. A transition toward high-value manufacturing has occurred in recent years, with industries like electronics seeing rapid expansion. However, traditional industries like agriculture and textiles are still doing well, demonstrating the diversification of Vietnam's export industry. Vietnam's export figures might be difficult to interpret. The process can be intimidating because of the abundance of information and the complexity of trade classifications and rules. Inconsistencies and contradictions in the data might also make the analysis more difficult.

Vietnam Trade Data Report in October 2023

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Vietnam's export industry continues to thrive, with a diverse range of products gaining recognition across the globe. From textiles and apparel to electronics and rubber, Vietnam has made significant strides in various sectors. With its competitive advantages, including skilled labor, favorable business environment, and strategic geographical location, Vietnam is set to maintain its position as a top exporter in the global market. Maintaining this momentum, though, will require overcoming possible obstacles and adjusting to shifting global patterns. One thing is certain as we continue to analyze Vietnam's trade data as the country's top exports have been part of an amazing journey marked by innovation, resiliency, and advancement.



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