What are the top electronic exports of the Philippines?

According to the Philippines export data, the total amount of electronic exports from the Philippines accounted for $43.55 billion in 2022. Discover the top electronic products that the Philippines exports in 2022. Explore the country's electronic export industry and its contributions to the global electronics market.

What are the top electronic exports of the Philippines?

The Philippines is a thriving hub for electronics manufacturing and export. The country has made significant strides in this sector and has become one of the top exporters of electronic products in Southeast Asia. According to the Philippines export data, the total amount of electronic exports from the Philippines accounted for $43.55 billion in 2022, with an increase of 14% from 2021. The total trade balance of the electronic exports of the Philippines was $11 billion in 2022. With a skilled workforce and a favorable business environment, the Philippines has attracted several multinational companies to set up manufacturing facilities in the country. Let's delve deeper into the electronic products that the Philippines exports, particularly focusing on the top 10 electronic products in 2022.

The Philippines Electronic Export Information

One of the major sectors driving the Philippines' industrial production is the electronics manufacturing industry. The industry, which focuses on the sub-assembly of different electronic components, makes up the greatest portion of Philippine commodity exports roughly 60%. The production of electrical equipment may not be the industry with the highest GDP contribution, mostly because of production expenses, but in 2022, the industry produced over 50 billion Philippine pesos in gross value added.

Top 10 Electronic Export Products of the Philippines in 2022

According to the export data on the electronic exports of the Philippines, the top 10 electronic products exports in the Philippines in 2022 are:

  1. Electronic integrated circuits; parts thereof: ($28.94 billion) 36.67%
  2. Insulated "incl. enameled or anodized" wire, cable "incl. coaxial cable": ($2.77 billion) 3.52%
  3. Electrical transformers, static converters, and inductors: ($1.81 billion) 2.3%
  4. Semiconductor devices: ($1.71 billion) 2.17%
  5. Telephone sets, incl. smartphones, and other telephones or wireless: ($1.41 billion) 1.79%
  6. Electrical capacitors, fixed, variable, or adjustable, and parts thereof: ($887.38 million) 1.12%
  7. Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits: ($815.52 million) 1.03%
  8. Printed circuits: ($793.49 million) 1.01%
  9. Monitors and projectors: ($683 million) 0.87%
  10. Discs, tapes, solid-state storage devices, and smart cards: ($434.69 million) 0.55%


What kind of electronics does the Philippines export?

In 2022, the Philippines focused on exporting a wide range of electronic products. This includes semiconductors, electronic components, printed circuit boards, consumer electronics, mobile phones, electrical machinery and equipment, LED lighting products, computer hardware, electronic communication equipment, and medical electronics. These products cater to both domestic and international markets, contributing to the country's economic growth and job creation.

  1. Semiconductors: Semiconductors are the leading electronic product exported by the Philippines. The country has a strong presence in semiconductor manufacturing, with companies like Texas Instruments, Samsung, and Intel operating in the Philippines. These semiconductors are also used in various electronic biases like computers, smartphones, and automotive electronics.
  2. Electronic Components: The Philippines also exports a significant number of electronic components. These include resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits, among others. Electronic factors are pivotal rudiments that are used in the product of electronic bias.
  3. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs): PCBs are essential factors in electronic bias as they give a mechanical and electrical connection between different electronic factors. The Philippines exports a substantial number of PCBs, feeding the demands of different diligences.
  4. Consumer Electronics: The Philippines is involved in the export of consumer electronics similar to televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines. These are products generally used by individuals in their diurnal lives, and the Philippines has established a strong manufacturing base to meet both domestic and transnational demands.
  5. Mobile Phones: With the rising demand for smartphones encyclopedically, the Philippines has become a crucial player in mobile phone manufacturing. Companies like Samsung and Apple outsource their product to the Philippines due to the country's professed labor force and competitive costs.
  6. Electrical Machinery and Equipment: The Philippines also exports electrical ministry and apparatus, including power creators, mills, and electric motors. These products are vital for the diligence involved in power generation, transmission, and distribution.
  7. LED Lighting Products: The Philippines has embraced the trend of energy-effective lighting and exports a significant quantum of LED lighting products. These products are extensively used in marketable, domestic, and artificial spaces due to their long lifetime and energy-saving parcels.
  8. Computer hardware: The Philippines exports computer hardware parts like motherboards, plate cards, and memory modules. These factors are pivotal for assembling computers and meeting the demand of the growing IT assiduity.
  9. Electronic Communication Equipment: The Philippines is involved in the export of electronic communication devices similar to routers, switches, and modems. These products are essential for establishing and maintaining communication networks.
  10. Medical Electronics: The Philippines also exports medical electronics, including gadgets used in diagnostics, monitoring, and treatment. This sector has witnessed significant growth, and the country has deposited itself as a dependable supplier and exporter of medical electronic products.

Top 10 electronics exporter of the Philippines in 2022

The Philippine's top 10 export partners for electronic products in 2022 include:

  1. Hong Kong: ($9 billion) 20.7%
  2. United States of America: ($6.09 billion) 14%
  3. China: ($5.34 billion) 12.3%
  4. Japan: ($5.16 billion) 11.9%
  5. Singapore: ($3.92 billion) 9%
  6. Chinese Taipei: ($2.13 billion) 4.9%
  7. Germany: ($2 billion) 4.6%
  8. South Korea: ($1.58 billion) 3.6%
  9. Netherlands: ($1.49 billion) 3.4%
  10. Malaysia: ($1.32 billion) 3.1%

What are the top 10 electronics exporting companies in the Philippines?

The top 10 electronic exporting companies in the Philippines are:

  1. Action Able, Inc.
  2. Aerophone PH
  3. Audio Excellence
  4. Audiophile Components Inc.
  5. Automatic Appliances Inc.
  6. Beyond Innovations Inc.
  7. Canon Marketing (Philippines) Inc
  8. Koppel Inc.
  9. Digits Trading Corporation
  10. Electronics Industry Association of the Philippines Inc., (EIAPI)

What are the top Electronics brands in the Philippines?

In the Philippines export and consumer electronics market, apple.com, shopee.ph, samsung.com, lenovo.com, and acer.com rank as the top five online retailers as of 2022. With projected revenues of US$172.1 million in 2022, apple.com is the market leader. Samsung.com, with sales of $11.8 million, came in second, followed by shopee.ph, with sales of $15.8 million. In the Philippine Consumer Electronics industry, the top three online retailers hold 79.3% of the market share among the top 25 retailers. Based on eCommerce net sales in this market in 2022, the top shops are ranked. Henceforth, the top 5 electronic brands in the Philippines include:

Why are Semiconductors an important export from the Philippines?

Semiconductor manufacturing services (SMS) account for 73% of the Philippines' electronics industry, while electronics manufacturing services (EMS) make for the remaining 23%. The assembly, testing, packing, and distribution of diverse electronic items are the industry's main priorities. It was previously controlled by foreign manufacturers who relocated their operations to the Philippines in order to take advantage of lower labor prices and production expenses. Currently, there are about 600 businesses in the industry located in the Philippines Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) areas.

Semiconductors and electronic data processing goods like hard disk drives are the main products produced by the electronics manufacturing sector. Semiconductors made up the largest portion of all the electronic goods shipped from the Philippines in 2022. China, Hong Kong, and Singapore were the main destinations for its exports. Semiconductors, also referred to as integrated circuits and microchips, are found in a wide range of electrical appliances and consumer electronics, including televisions and smartphones. The Philippines also imports electronic products including wafers from China, Korea, Taiwan, and other countries in order to build semiconductors. Furthermore, the industry manufactures components and finished goods for consumer electronics, medical devices, office equipment, and automotive electronics industries.


Electronic Export by the Philippines

The electronic export industry in the Philippines has been growing steadily over the years. The country's strategic location, skilled workforce, and competitive costs have attracted several multinational companies to establish manufacturing facilities in the country. The Philippines has also benefited from incentives provided by the government to promote the electronics industry.

In 2022, the Philippines aims to further enhance its position as a global exporter of electronic products. The government has linked the electronics assiduity as a precedence sector and continues to give support to promote its growth. Attempts are being made to strengthen exploration and development capabilities, ameliorate structure, and produce a favorable terrain for investors in the electronics export industry.

Export data on the Philippines' electronic exports in January 2023

  • For the month of January 2023, the Electronics Industry continued to be the leading exporter in the Philippines, making up US$ 3.12 billion of US$ 5.23 billion, or 59.68% of all Philippines commodity exports.
  • From US$ 3.58 billion in December 2022 to US$ 3.12 billion in January 2023, there was a 12.85% decrease in electronics exports. Five sectors had lower exports.
  • The biggest decline from US$ 34.71 million to US$ 24.20 million was Office Equipment, which fell by 30.28%. Consumer Electronics (20.63%), Semiconductor Components/Devices (15.95%), Control and Instrumentation (9.39%), and Electronic Data Processing (7.21%) were the next in line.
  • From US$ 54.89 thousand to US$ 3.07 million, Automotive Electronics experienced a 460.52% growth. This was followed by Medical/Industrial Instrumentation (10.68%), Communication/Radar (7.83%), and Telecommunication (5.19%).

The following table shows a comparison of the top 5 export destinations for the Philippines' electronic exports between December 2022 and January 2023:


December 2022 (% share)

January 2023 (% share)


China (16.97%)

Hong Kong (14.45%)


Hong Kong (14.10%)

USA (12.47%)


USA (12.07%)

China (11.78%)


Singapore (8%)

Singapore (7.78%)


Japan (6.10%)

Japan (7.10%)

Philippines Export Sample Data Report 2023


In conclusion, the Philippines has established itself as a major player in the electronics export industry. The country's ability to produce a diverse range of electronic products has garnered international recognition. With its professed labor force, strategic position, and government support, the country exports a wide range of electronic products, including semiconductors, consumer electronics, and other electronic appliances. The Philippines is predicted to continue to be a top exporter of electronics in the forthcoming times with the backing of the government and ongoing investments in the exploration and development of its electronic product exports.


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