What are the top mobile phone exporting brands in Vietnam 2023?

According to the Vietnam export data, Vietnam exported a total of $142.93 billion worth of mobile phones from its top exporting brands in 2023. Get export reports about the top mobile phone brand exports from Vietnam in 2023.

What are the top mobile phone exporting brands in Vietnam 2023?

Vietnam's Mobile Export Powerhouses: Unveiling the Top Brands Dominating 2023

The mobile phone assiduity in Vietnam has witnessed a remarkable metamorphosis in recent times, with the country rising as a significant player in the global request. The relinquishment of mobile technology, coupled with favorable profitable conditions and a professed pool, has propelled Vietnam to become one of the top mobile phone exporting countries in the world. Vietnam exported a total of $142.93 billion worth of mobile phones from its top exporting brands in 2023. Let’s take a look at the top mobile phone exporting brands in Vietnam in 2023 and claw into the factors contributing to their success.

With this article report on Vietnam’s top mobile phone exporters, you’ll get to know about:

  • What are the main mobile phone manufacturers in Vietnam that export?
  • Rise of mobile phone exports in Vietnam
  • Decline of ‘Made in Vietnam’ smartphones in 2023.
  • Factors contributing to the rise of Vietnam’s mobile phone exports.
  • Analysis of the Vietnamese mobile brands by export value
  • The future of mobile phone exports in Vietnam in 2023

The Rise of Mobile Phone Exports in Vietnam

Over the once decade, mobile phones have become an essential part of people's lives, not only in developed countries but also in remote and underdeveloped regions. This growing significance of mobile phones has fueled the demand for affordable and high-quality bias, leading to a swell in mobile phone exports from Vietnam.

Vietnam's mobile phone import assiduity has endured significant growth over time. In 2009, mobile phones ranked ninth among Vietnam's top 10 import particulars, but by 2010, they climbed to the fourth position. This rapid-fire increase in import volume was substantially driven by the presence of major smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic, who have established manufacturing shops in Vietnam.

Why did the ‘Made in Vietnam’ mobile phone exports see a decline in 2023?

  • Due to Samsung's considerable decline during the quarter, the overall shipments of mobile phones that were" Made in Vietnam" declined by 23.1% YoY in terms of units.
  • Nokia saw a shipping decline of 37.7%, substantially in the point phone order, while Samsung saw a payload decline of 22.8%, substantially in the smartphone order.
  • While Foxconn led as an EMS provider, Samsung dominated the product of mobile phones.
  • In 2022, Vietnam was the third-largest patron of mobile phones after China and India, which came in first and alternated, independently.

The Top Mobile Phone Exporting Brands in Vietnam

Samsung The Leading Exporter

Samsung stands as the highest-exported handset brand in Vietnam, with its bias landing a significant request share. In the first quarter of 2023 alone, Samsung exported a stunning number of mobile phones from Vietnam. The Samsung Galaxy A14 surfaced as the best-dealing phone, with rough pieces vented. It was followed by the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which ended around pieces, and the Samsung Galaxy S23, with deal numbers reaching pieces. Samsung smartphones made up 172 of smartphone device shipments in Vietnam during the first quarter of 2023.

Other Samsung models that enjoyed considerable success in the import request include the Galaxy A54 (pieces vented) and the Galaxy A34 (pieces vented). These budget-friendly smartphones have contributed significantly to Samsung's dominance in the Vietnamese mobile phone import assiduity.

Apple A Close Competitor

Apple, a famed brand in mobile phone assiduity, has also gained a strong base in the Vietnamese import request. The Apple iPhone 14 pro max surfaced as the top-selling Apple handset, with a great piece vending in the first quarter of 2023. It was nearly followed by the iPhone 11. Apple's success in the Vietnamese import request can be attributed to the brand's character for producing dependable and durable bias. The Royalty and quality of Apple phones have made them a popular choice among consumers in Vietnam.

Oppo A Rising Star

Oppo, another prominent player in mobile phone assiduity, has also made significant strides in the Vietnamese export request. With several new phone models launched in the first quarter of 2023, Oppo has managed to secure a considerable request share in Vietnam. Oppo A57, Oppo A77, and Oppo F21S Pro are among the best-selling Oppo handsets in Vietnam.

The success of Oppo can be attributed to its capability to offer a different range of smartphones feeding different consumer preferences. From budget-friendly options to stylish high-end bias, Oppo has managed to capture the attention of Vietnamese consumers.


What are the total exports of the Top mobile exporting brands of Vietnam in 2023?

  1. Samsung ($1426.86 billion)
  2. Google ($125.43 billion)
  3. Apple ($60.56 billion)
  4. Xiaomi ($35.08 billion)
  5. Nokia ($11.32 billion)
  6. Poco ($73.86 million)
  7. Blu ($26.48 million)
  8. Tecno ($11.13 million)
  9. Oppo ($50.96K)
  10. Realme ($21.95K)

Analysis of the top Vietnamese mobile brands by export value

The smartphone request in Vietnam endured its worst Q1 loss ever in 2023, declining 30% YoY. The country's smartphone request was confined by weak consumer demand and poor macroeconomic conditions during this time, as consumers put off buying smartphones. Here is an analysis of some of the top mobile exporting brands by their export value and the first quarter of 2023-

  • Samsung - Despite a 32% YoY decline in shipments throughout the quarter, Samsung maintained its position as the top brand in Q1 2023 with a 30% request share. The Galaxy A04, which was the best-dealing model in the $200 price range, was extensively used by guests. Samsung, headed by the Galaxy A14 5G, claimed seven of the top ten positions in Q1 2023 in the $200 – 400 price range as well. With a combined payload share of 71%, these two price ranges were the most popular in Vietnam during the time period. Samsung was suitable to keep up its request-leading position because of its dominance in lower price ranges and consumers' preference for transnational brands over Chinese brands.
  • Oppo - The A17 series was introduced by OPPO in Q4 2022 and has since gained popularity. Together, the OPPO A17 and A17k made over 24% of total OPPO shipments in the first quarter of 2023. OPPO also introduced the Find N2 Flip in Vietnam, where it has been gaining request share in the price range above $600. To fight the rising price competition in the advanced-priced request, the model was offered at a reduction of over $200 on pre-booking.
  • Apple - In Q1 2023, Apple advanced to third place. Beforehand in the quarter, there was a lot of interest in the iPhone 14 Pro series, but it soon fell down. To increase demand and reduce the inordinate force in channels, Apple unpredictably reduced the price of the iPhone during the quarter. In Q1 2023, the cost of the iPhone 14 Pro Max was reduced by a normal of 12% from what it brought at launch. Apple shipments grew 12% YoY in Q1 2023 as a result of the lower iPhone prices. As a result, the> $600 price range had a 24% request share in the first quarter of 2023 as opposed to just 17% in the first quarter of 2022.
  • Xiaomi and Vivo - In the meantime, Xiaomi and Vivo saw a grueling Q1 2023, with declines of 46% and 52% YoY, independently. Shipments fell 38% YoY in Q1 2023, reflecting a reduction in demand in the <$200 price range. Due to their participated high exposure to this price range, the two brands each lost request share throughout the quarter.

Mobile Brand Market Share in Vietnam for September 2023

Following was the market share of Vietnam mobile brands in September 2023:

.Samsung – 24.23%

.Apple – 39.75%

.Oppo – 14.49%

.Xiaomi – 9.5%

.Vivo – 4.96%

What are the Contributing Factors to Vietnam's Success in Mobile Phone Exports?

Several factors have contributed to Vietnam's rapid-fire growth in mobile phone import assiduity. Let's explore some of the crucial factors that have propelled Vietnam to become a top exporter.

  1. Manufacturing Capabilities

Vietnam's manufacturing capabilities have played a pivotal part in attracting major smartphone manufacturers. The country offers competitive advantages similar to duty breaks and a fairly cheap pool, making it a charming destination for products. This has led to the establishment of manufacturing shops by companies like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic, giving a significant boost to Vietnam's mobile phone exports.

  1. Professed pool

Vietnam boasts a professed pool that's complete at handling complex manufacturing processes. The vacuity of a technically complete pool has enabled manufacturers to produce high-quality bias at competitive prices. This has further enhanced Vietnam's character as a dependable source of mobile phone exports.

  1. Favorable profitable Conditions

Vietnam's favorable profitable conditions, including stable profitable growth and a conducive business terrain, have contributed to the country's success in the mobile phone import assiduity. The government's sweats to attract foreign investment and foster a probative business climate have played a pivotal part in the growth of Vietnam's import sector.

  1. Strategic position

Vietnam's strategic position in Southeast Asia has also played a part in its success as a mobile phone exporter. The country's propinquity to major requests, similar to China and the United States, has eased effective logistics and distribution networks, enabling manufacturers to reach global consumers snappily.

Mobile Phone Exports from Vietnam in 2023 A Bright Future

Looking ahead, the future of mobile phone exports from Vietnam appears promising. The country's strong manufacturing capabilities, professed pool, and favorable profitable conditions give a solid foundation for uninterrupted growth in the import request.

Similarly, Vietnam's focus on sustainable practices and eco-friendly manufacturing processes aligns with the global trend towards environmentally conscious products. As consumers decreasingly prioritize sustainability, Vietnamese mobile phone exporters have an occasion to work on their commitment to sustainable manufacturing to capture a larger request share. In conclusion, Vietnam's success in mobile phone import assiduity is a testament to the country's capabilities and eventuality. With the right investments in exploration and development, structure, and gift, Vietnam is poised to play an indeed more significant part in the global mobile phone request in the times to come.


Vietnam has surfaced as a hustler in the mobile phone import assiduity, with major brands like Samsung, Nokia, and LG leading the way. The combination of manufacturing capabilities, a professed pool, favorable profitable conditions, and a strategic position has propelled Vietnam to become a top exporter of mobile phones. As the demand for mobile bias continues to grow encyclopedically, Vietnam is poised to strengthen its position in the mobile phone import request, offering consumers around the world affordable and high-quality bias.

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