Category: Trade Statistics

Switzerland Gold Trade Import-Export Statistics of 2023

Get insights about Switzerland Gold Trade import export partners or let's also inspect Gold Trade at Global level Major importer e...

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EU Trade Statistics 2022-23

The EU exported $7.49 trillion of goods, while its imports accounted for $8.11 trillion in 2022-23 according to the EU trade data....

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Germany US Trade Relations and Statistics 2022-2023

Explore Germany is latest 2022-2023 trade , import export data statistics or Germany USA trade relations or imports exports

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Brazil Sugar Exports Statistics 2022-2023

Brazil exported $11.23 billion worth of Sugar around the world in 2022, while the exports of Brazilian sugar reached $90.424 milli...

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Brazil Coffee Exports Statistics 2022-23

Find out where Brazil top coffee export markets are in 2022-23 and get a glimpse of the coffee industry with accurate stats! Expl...

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