Philippines Mobile Phone Market - 2020

Smartphones are considered a necessity for most of us to communicate with friends and family and as a form of mobile entertainment

Philippines Mobile Phone Market - 2020


Smartphones are now considered a necessity for most of us to communicate with friends and family, for work, and as a form of mobile entertainment. Today, it is estimated that over five billion people or 67 percent of the global population have mobile devices, and over half of these are smartphones.

Southeast Asia, a region of over 680 million people, has seen incredible growth in mobile penetration over the years. The Philippines which is one of the ASEAN member countries has shown significant mobile penetration rates last couple of years. According to the Pew Research Centre, 55 percent of adults in the country own smartphones, while another 22 percent own mobile phones.

Philippine consumer electronics market spending from 2020-2024 should reach $8.1 billion and spending in 2020 alone should be around $6 billion. The most popular subsectors would include mobile handsets, computer hardware, and audio-visual devices. Many favorable factors have poised this industry for continued growth. The first would be that the Philippine economy has been consistently growing for years and that 60% of its population is under 23 years old. A new middle class is also emerging, and an estimated 1.5 million households will reach an income of $25,000 by 2024. This group will purchase consumer electronics for the first time, and is eager to own mobile devices, televisions, and possibly computers.

The year 2019 which showed a tremendous lift in sales of smartphones is brought to an abrupt end by the covid-19 pandemic. The introduction of the TRAIN Act (Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion) in the Philippines elevated the salaries of certain sectors of employees, encouraging many to upgrade their smartphones in 2019, with a shift to mid-priced smartphones at the expense of lower-priced options. Mid-priced smartphones have higher-quality cameras, larger memory, and other specifications that are relevant in the age of social media. Philippines Import Data The Republic of the Philippines imported US$112.9 billion worth of goods from around the globe in 2019.

That dollar amount reflects a 60.9% acceleration since 2015 but a -1.9% downtick from 2018 to 2019. The Philippines' major export countries are China, Japan, South Korea & the United States. Electrical machinery and equipment are on top of the Philippian import product list out of which Phone system devices including smartphones are the major contributor to $3.3 billion (up 25.1%). As per the Tradeimex Philippines Mobile Import Report, 7333282 pieces of mobile phones were imported into the Philippines in the 3 quarters of 2020 which costs approximately (786255588)USD.

Top 3 Brands and their Models imported from the Philippines in the three quarters of 2020


The brand Samsung stands to be the highest-exported handset in the country with imported quantities of its handsets souring high skies. Keystone3 is on top and has the sole of around 330910 pieces with a value of 4503874.

Followed by other premium phones such as Galaxy A11 with 244007sold pieces (Value 23130896 USD) at 2nd rank and Galaxy A71 at 3rd position selling up to 139891 pieces. The other models that trail is from budget segments namely Galaxy A51(125086 pieces sold) and GALAXY A21 (118316 pieces sold).


Vivo seems to have close competition with Samsung when it comes to mobile phone imports. Its top seller is Y11 claiming 684757 handsets being sold in the first two quarters of this year succeeded by Y15(270336 pieces), Y91i (77080 pieces), Y201 (66000 pieces), and V17 (45560 pieces).


Oppo has several new phones launched this year. Phones like A12 (232520 Pieces sold), Oppo A5S (204430 Pieces sold), A31(69371 pieces sold), A3S(66192 pieces sold), and Reno 4 are the topmost selling brands.

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