What are Ukraine’s top 10 exports?

According to the Ukraine export data, Ukraine ranked 47th in the world in terms of exports in 2022 with the top exports of Ukraine being Cereals ($9.2 billion), Animal/Vegetable fats & oils($6 billion), Iron ore ($4.6 billion), seed oils ($3.8 billion), and . Find out more about the top 10 exports coming from Ukraine based on the shipping bills, invoices, name of the exporter, HS code, quantity, value of the shipment, and other information.

What are Ukraine’s top 10 exports?

When it comes to international trade, Ukraine has a diverse range of exports to offer. From agricultural products to machinery and equipment, Ukraine has positioned itself as a significant player in the global market. According to the Ukraine export data, Ukraine ranked 47th in the world in terms of exports in 2022, totaling exports worth $44.4 billion. The value of Ukraine's exports decreased by -34.7% in 2022 from $68.1 billion in 2021. There are the top 10 major products that contribute to Ukraine's export industry as recorded in the Ukraine export data and trade data.

Understanding Ukraine's Export Industry

Ukraine has a well-established export industry that contributes significantly to its economy. The country's strategic location, abundant natural resources, and skilled workforce have paved the way for a thriving export sector. Ukraine exports various products to countries in Europe, Asia, and beyond, making it an important player in the global trade market.

Ukraine's Top 10 Exports

According to the Ukraine export data for 2022, the top exports and their export rate as compared to the year 2021 include:

  • Cereals ($9.2 billion) 6% (down by -25.9% as compared to 2021)
  • Animal/Vegetable fats, oils, and waxes ($6 billion) 5% (down by -13.7%)
  • Iron and steel ($4.6 billion) 3% (down by -70.9%)
  • Oil seeds ($3.8 billion) 5% (up by 72.3%)
  • Ores, slag, and ash ($3.1 billion) 9% (down by -55.6%)
  • Electrical machinery, equipment ($2.6 billion) 5.8% (down by -21.7%)
  • Wood ($1.9 billion) 4.3% (up by 8.3%)
  • Machinery including computers ($1.2 billion) 2.7% (down by -48.9%)
  • Food industry waste, animal fodder ($1.1 billion) 2.5% (down by -47.1%)
  • Articles of iron and steel ($1.1 billion) 2.4% (up by 139.9%)

Top 10 Export Partners of Ukraine

According to the Ukraine export data in 2022, the top export partners of Ukraine are:

  • Poland (9.8%)
  • Romania (5.7%)
  • Turkey (4.3%)
  • China (3.7%)
  • Hungary (3.34%)
  • Germany (3.34%)
  • Italy (2.4%)
  • Spain (2.32%)
  • Netherlands (2.27%)
  • Slovakia (2.22%)
  • Bulgaria (2.1%)
  • The Czech Republic (1.8%)

In 2022, Ukraine sold goods worth $492.8 million to the Russian Federation, a decrease of 81.8% from 2021. Inorganic chemicals, iron and steel, machinery, computers, and objects made of plastic as well as plastics in the form of materials are the most important exports from Ukraine to Russia.

Let's now take a closer look at Ukraine's top 10 exports:

  1. Iron and Steel(4.6 billion US$)

Iron and steel products hold a prominent place in Ukraine's export industry. The country has rich iron ore reserves and a well-developed steel production infrastructure. Iron and steel exports from Ukraine consist of a wide range of products, including flat-rolled steel, tubes, pipes, and semi-finished iron.

  1. Cereals (9.2 billion US$)

Ukraine's fertile land and favorable climate make it ideal for agriculture, especially cereal production. In 2023, the country exported cereals worth $8.30 billion, a 9% decline from the previous year. The largest importer was Spain, purchasing $1.42 billion worth also Ukraine's total grain exports volume was 64.77 million metric tons, valued at $33 million. These exports are crucial to Ukraine's agricultural economy and financial growth.

  1. Sunflower Oil (6.89 billion US$)

Ukraine is one of the world's leading producers and exporters of sunflower oil. The country boasts extensive sunflower cultivation, and its superior quality oil is highly sought after in the international market. Sunflower oil exports play a vital role in Ukraine's economy.

  1. Machinery and Equipment (1.2 billion US$)

Ukraine's machinery and equipment industry has witnessed substantial growth in recent years. The country exports a wide range of machinery and equipment, including electrical machinery, mechanical appliances, vehicles, and parts. These exports not only generate revenue but also showcase Ukraine's technological capabilities.


  1. Ores and Slag (3.1 billion US$)

Ukraine's rich mineral deposits make it a significant exporter of ores and slag. The country exports iron ore, titanium ores, coal, and various other minerals. These exports contribute significantly to Ukraine's trade balance and attract foreign investments in the mining sector.

  1. Oil Seeds (3.8 billion US$)

Apart from cereals, Ukraine is also a major exporter of oil seeds such as soybeans and rapeseed. The country's favorable climate and extensive cultivation areas enable it to produce high-quality oil seeds that are widely used in the food and feed industries.

  1. Fertilizers (1.72 billion US$)

Ukraine's abundant natural resources include vast reserves of minerals used in the production of fertilizers. The country exports a significant amount of nitrogenous, phosphatic, and potassic fertilizers to meet global agricultural needs. Fertilizer exports play a crucial role in Ukraine's trade balance.

  1. Wood and Wood Products (1.9 billion US$)

With its extensive forests, Ukraine is a notable exporter of wood and wood products. The country exports timber, plywood, wooden furniture, and other value-added wood products. These exports not only contribute to Ukraine's economy but also promote sustainable forest management practices.

  1. Electrical Machinery (2.6 billion US$)

Ukraine's electrical machinery exports have experienced substantial growth in recent years. The country manufactures and exports a wide range of electrical machinery and equipment, including transformers, generators, and electrical cables. These exports highlight Ukraine's proficiency in the electrical engineering sector.

  1. Semi-finished Iron and Steel (1.1 billion US$)

In addition to finished iron and steel products, Ukraine also exports semi-finished iron and steel. These exports include billets, slabs, and other intermediate iron and steel products. By exporting semi-finished products, Ukraine participates in the global steel industry value chain.

Ukraine Export and Trade Data

To gain a deeper understanding of Ukraine's export industry, analyzing export and trade data is crucial. Ukraine export data provides detailed information about the country's export volume, value, and destination countries for specific products. Similarly, Ukraine's trade data helps identify trading partners, import trends, and overall trade dynamics.

Tracking and utilizing Ukraine's export and trade data can assist businesses, policymakers, and investors in making informed decisions. By staying abreast of market trends and demand patterns, stakeholders can leverage Ukraine's export industry for mutual growth and prosperity.

Key specifications in the Ukraine export data database.

Major data specifications include:

  • Date
  • Name of Ukrainian Exporter
  • Name of Foreign Buyer
  • destination nation 
  • Product Description
  • HS Code
  • Quantity Value
  • Unit Port


In conclusion, Ukraine's top 10 exports encompass a diverse range of products, including iron and steel, cereals, sunflower oil, machinery and equipment, and ores and slag. The country's capacity to produce and export these goods has solidified its position in the global market. These exports, coupled with comprehensive export and trade data, showcase Ukraine's significant presence in the global trade market. Whether it's natural resources, agricultural products, or manufactured goods, Ukraine continues to play a crucial role in international trade.

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